30 March, 2008

Amazing names!

I really like the drawings of Jon Burgerman. He's kind of a hero of mine. He is really good at drawing and he has an amazing name. I love amazing names.

Here are some names that I have made up recently:

  • Flop Jophlin
  • Fingdoll Bushie
  • Daphne Skullet
  • Jonathan Skewer
  • Piers Throne (more members of the Throne family to follow)
  • Darren Soup

(All name suggestions are welcome.)

Anyway, Jon Burgerman has an amazing name. He's also a very talented illustrator. I wonder if he considers himself an artist, or even an Artist. From what I've read, I don't think so. So I also like that about him.

I go through phases of liking to draw or do other things more than writing (which is my main bag). I went through a big Jon Burgerman phase about six months ago. Unfortunately, this makes it hard to prove that I've more or less always doodled like this - I have college notes and school copy books to prove it - but when I saw Jon Burgerman's drawings it made me realise that it was okay to draw like a spaz.

(Pardon me, Mr. Jon Burgerman, you do not draw like a spaz.)