24 April, 2008

King of the hills... er, not quite

I'm alive! I finished my first race of this year's IMRA Leinster League. And although I didn't place as highly as I had hoped (90th, rather than 75th), I'm still really happy with how I did on my first proper race back, since I hurt my left knee a two months ago. I'm even more happy that my body - particularly my knees - felt good and I had no worrying pains.

It was a beautiful evening for running (or doing anything for that matter!). There was lovely, crisp light on Bray Head and the air was cool and fresh (but not cold). I wished I could have stopped to take some photos (and catch my breath!).

Unfortunately, I made a couple of mistakes that cost me valuable places in the race. Firstly, I started at the back of the field. It was very congested at the beginning, where the course was narrow, and I had to fight my way forward, during a steep climb. If I had been further forward, I might have lost places as the race went on, but only from serious runners.

And secondly, I did not bringing a little energy snack for halfway around the course. So, by the final stretch I had hit the wall and couldn't sprint finish. And I've never felt so wrecked at the end of a run!

I had a great run and I learned a couple of lessons for next week!