07 April, 2008

Shiny toys for Techno boys...

This is a bit of a departure from the normal subject matter of this blog.

Like most men/boys (and magpies), I like shiny gadgets. I've been yearning for this pocket-sized digital
mixer since I saw it advertised on Beatport. You can just load up your tracks or mixes, rock up to the club and destroy the room! Well, in theory.

I'm listening to a lot of old techno at the moment a la Ricardo Villalobos and Richie Hawtin. I'd like to make a mix for my friend Conor, but since I'm trying to be thrifty these days, I'll just try out their free mixing software. Listen to this space.

I no longer feel obliged to keep up with the dance music scene. I've sort of grown out of clubbing - it's okay if I miss the hottest new tracks - but I still love the music. And the gadgets!