15 April, 2008

Vote Bob!

Congratulations to Bob Byrne, talented illustrator and comix writer/artist, who has been nominated for two Eagle Awards, one of the top awards that recognise comic artists!

Good news for Bob, who has been plugging away diligently (if scatologically!) for many years, and is one of very few world class comics artists in Ireland. Hopefully this provides some inspiration for wannabe comics writers/artists out there. Oh, and if you like his work and care for comics, please
vote for Bob.

While voting for Bob on the Eagle website, I also discovered a couple of great online comics.

Although I've always thought the prospect of online comics was interesting (since I read
Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics), I've found that quality of artwork is an entry barrier. Being hot for good illustration, I am delighted to endorse Dr. McNinja and particularly Girl Genius.