14 May, 2008

Six of the Best! Video-sharing websites

Nothing illustrates the potential of easy-to-use digital video and video-sharing websites, like this incredible animation by Italian grafitti artist Blu.

Here are six of the best video-sharing sites I've come across:
  1. Fab Channel - videographies of concerts from a wide variety of acts.
  2. Vimeo - young pretender to the video-sharing throne!
  3. Atom Films - comedy shorts and fan films with high production values.
  4. Hobnox - edit video online and make acid house!
  5. Youtube - the granddaddy of them all and an amazing resource. (If only there was a quality filter!)
  6. Flickr - with a 90 sec limit on videos, Flickr will soon host videos of a 'photographic' nature.