08 May, 2008

Racing to oblivion!

Melodramatic title ahoy! I was full of angst after my (relatively) poor showing in yesterday's aptly named Hellfire and Brimstone race. Results are not yet in, but I struggled to run my own race in the warm conditions and I was disappointed with my performance.

Somehow I managed to miss the race description:
"This will be a far tougher version of the traditional Hellfire race(hence the Brimstone!!)..."
Thankfully Ben Crane returned to the Leinster League, with a solid run. With Vivian and Ruth cheering on, I managed a strong finish and overtook most people in the final stretch, but it was a salutary warning not to be complacent in your training or lose your focus during races.

On the plus side (though nothing to do with running) Colleen Marlow has a new website, where you can find (and buy) her beautiful art.