06 May, 2008

Six of the best! Web Comics with Nice Artwork

Apropos of nothing, here is a great illustration from Vera Bee.

Here are six of the web comics I've seen with the nicest artwork:
  1. Family Man - Well-researched period drama.
  2. Dice Box - beautifully drawn, epic story.
  3. Clockwork Game - adventures of the famous Clockwork Turk, which beat everybody at chess in the Eighteenth Century.
  4. Brat-halla - about obnoxious Norse godlets.
  5. The Phoenix Requiem - the author of this gothic melodrama takes pains to insist that The Phoenix Requiem is a novel, rather than a comic.
  6. Badass Muthas! - have no idea what's going on, but artwork is quite nice.