04 June, 2008

Do Your Strip!

Ah the Belgians! Always flying the balloon for comics and being (improbably) the centre of the European Union.

Do Your Strip is a project that brings together 50 (or maybe 70?) comics illustrators to design characters - such as this one by Mr Clement - and draw a short strip.

Ah ha! But they must do a strip showing how to draw their character, so that children (and me) can draw their own strips with them. Nice!

The resulting strips will be exhibited in Brussels - at time of writing, this seems to be on hold - and published as a book (of which you can download a PDF preview. Nice work Belgians!)

It's a shame that my native Ireland is so relatively comics illiterate, because this kind of thing would get anybody excited. An exhibition that parents would enjoy bringing their kids to.

[via Drawn]