06 June, 2008

Six of the best! How to Draw Comics

I would just like everybody to know that this was a painstakingly researched blog entry. I've been combing the Internet obsessively, making notes and lists of pros and cons. Just in time for Drawing Day 2008. Nice.
  1. Edgar Tadeo - short, but covers basics of figure drawing.
  2. Rat Creature - scans of various how to draw books
  3. Learn to Draw - not particularly about comics (though it does have a section about caricatures), this imaginatively titled website has lots of good exercises.
  4. Drawing Comics - Comic pro Scott McDaniel's really useful guide to perspective.
  5. A really good article about animation on Scribd. And Rivkah's posts about panelling and ballooning and Wally Wood's 22 panels are really worth checking out.
  6. The motherload of comics tutorials.
Also, unrelated to drawing day per se, eager beaver types might like to try a 24 hour comic. All the best comics creators do them.