22 July, 2008

Irish Comic Challenge 12

Round 12 of the Irish Comic Challenge is now open.

Described as an open mic night for comic artists, comic creators are challenged to produce a one-page strip on a pre-decided topic or theme.

It's a bit of fun for the contributors, tests their skills (presumably) - a bit like 24 hour comics - and seems to provoke some interesting creative responses.

The last round was themed on 'The End of the World,' so this round's theme (stories from school days) is decidedly lighter.

Contributors are invited to take inspiration from the wonderful
Playground Law, but I hope the creators draw on their personal experiences of excruciating shame and embarrassment.

Incidentally, Playground Law also provides a handy questionnaire to help you choose a career. It seems I am best suited to become one of the following:
  1. Webmaster
  2. Urban Plumber
  3. Grotesque Hermit