03 October, 2008

Chrome Comic

Scott McCloud has produced a comic for Google's new web-browser, Chrome - which is pretty good, by the way - in the style of Understanding Comics. The comic explains how this new browser works and its difference from others.

Educationalists have long been aware of pedagogic potential of comics, particularly for teaching reading skills, where the link between words and their meanings can be made explicit.

The well-known Introducing book series, which started with Rius's excellent, comics-style Marx for Beginners
takes this on, giving accessible, visual guides to otherwise- daunting academic subjects.

McCloud's Chrome Comic is the first example I've met of a business using a comic to explain its product.

I think it's interesting, though we should also probably wonder exactly why Google should want us to understand their browser's inner workings. Pedagogy always has a purpose.

[via Conor]