29 October, 2008

Six of the Best! Most grotesque character actors...

I love character actors. They are all around us. I particularly love the strange ones. The ones that make us want to look away, for example:
  1. Ron Perlman - Just an incredible-looking individual. With a frightening voice.
  2. John Leguizamo - Teeth and voice combine to produce indelible wrongness.
  3. Vincent Schiavelli - Everything is (was) wrong with this man's face. Brilliant.
  4. Jeffrey Tambor - Teeth/mouth again, but Tambor also has a rare ability to look wretched.
  5. Lily Taylor/Martha Plimpton - I feel guilty about nominating women, so I’ve nominated two. To keep each other company. Lily Taylor has a weird voice and Martha Plimpton is… well Martha Plimpton. (Please note that many of these actors have amazing names.)
  6. Brad Dourif - Deeply unsettling face, creepy voice. Correction: the most unsettling, the creepiest.
Naturally, I am unsatisfied with my choices. This is not the last you've heard of grotesque character actors.