23 February, 2009

Grammatically speaking

Nate Piekos posts a fascinating article about the grammatical conventions past and present of comics. (Okay, maybe it only sounds fascinating to me.) And while lettering is widely acknowledged as a formidable technical challenge, it also demands recognition of the many 'voices' that comics utilise.

For example, consider:

'The use of italics [in comics] is quite varied: Italic dialogue is used for internal monologues, traditional-style locator & time captions, narrative captions, in thought balloons or for any instance where a voice is being transmitted through a TV, radio, communicator, as in a radio balloon. Rarely, you'll see italics used for non-verbal words like "Uh," or "Huh", or in conjunction with someone who is whispering. Italics are also used for non-English words and the titles of movies, books, etc.'

Cheers for that, Nate!

(via Forbidden Planet)