28 April, 2009

The Rainbow Orchid

Any plans for the Bank Holiday weekend?

If not, you have one last chance to read
Garen Ewing's The Rainbow Orchid, which goes offline shortly.

The Rainbow Orchid is an adventure strip, in the ligne-claire style, following the adventures of Julius Chancer as he hunts for the eponymous flower.

Unsurprisingly (given its quality)
The Rainbow Orchid has found a home at Egmont Books, which is to publish it in August, so Ewing plans to reduce its online presence to a preview/promotional website for the book.

Ligne claire is a popular style in francophone comics - and many readers will be familiar with it from Herge's Tintin books - and it is particularly suited to webcomics, where its elegant, unfussy imagery makes for great readability.

While we're at it, here are a couple other of my favourite ligne claire webcomics.
Les McClaine's Johnny Crossbones and David O'Connell's Tozo the Public Servant.

Forbidden Planet)