28 September, 2009

Blood Upon the Rose

Gerry Hunt's non-fiction graphic novel (must find a better term for that) Blood Upon the Rose, has just been published by O'Brien, which seems to the Irish publisher interested in comics and comic artists.

There was a patronising write-up in this weekend's Irish Times, of the 'Zap!-Pow!-Comics-aren't-just-for-kids-anymore' variety. Nary a mention of whether or not the book is any good or what the art and writing are like.

Ignorance of the medium might have been excusable in the 1980s, but with every other Hollywood property based on a Marvel franchise, you'd have to be fairly dopey not to be aware of it nowadays. Ireland really is twenty years behind the rest of the world (at least when it comes to comics; and roads, the roads are shit too).

Gerry and BrenB (Hunt's long-time collaborator, and I'm guessing the colourist on Blood Upon the Rose) seemed patient with the witless reporter, but the nerves had to be frayed:

“If you watch a Disney movie when you’re a kid, it doesn’t mean that when you grow up you stop watching movies.”
The very fact that poor BrenB had to point this out made me cringe.