20 May, 2008

37 Per Cent

In keeping with the yesterday's post-human/post-apocalyptic tone...

Everybody I know who read it was creeped out by World War Z last year.

Set in the near future,
World War Z gives a fictional account of a zombie apocalypse - which would be a great name for a band - in the voices of its survivors.

The chill factor had as much to do with the zombies as with the book's coldly realistic portrayal of how governments and people react to the crisis and how individuals are repurposed for new social realities.

It will be interesting to see how well this translates to film.

For an added chill, visit the book's website and find out your likelihood of survival. You will never view your 'domicile' in the same way again.

I've got a 37 per cent chance. Post your survival ratings in the comment box.