19 May, 2008

Life Since Cable

Since subscribing to cable, recently, I have taken to watching documentaries on the History Channel, with titles like Deadly Universe!, Mega Disasters! and We're All About to Die! I think the same guy narrates all of them, ominously intoning 'it's not a matter if... but when...'

Luckily, you know longer have to wonder what would happen 'if every human being on Earth... disappeared'; you can watch the whole thing here.

Life After People is a cut above the others. It hypothesises how quickly the Earth would return to wilderness after human life disappeared. I always loved films and stories in which future civilisations discover the remnants of 20th century civilisation (Logan's Run, Planet of the Apes etc)

It's reasonably phlegmatic about our passing; scientist and writer David Brin is one of the talking heads. In short, once we're out of here, it will take about 100-150 years for our cities to fall into ruin and after about 10,000 years there will be no trace of our ever having been. How's that for putting things in context!?