23 May, 2008

The Logos of Logos

While researching some logo ideas for Apeworks, I came across some logos by a US illustrative designer called Von Glitschka on his blog.

We are so totally immersed in branding, that we now take logos for granted. But for every Apple apple and Nike swoosh there are hundreds (nay thousands!) of lesser lights vying for our attention, from the street to the internet.

Most are not great, but some are brilliant. A good logo is kind of like a little visual puzzle, just missing one piece that the viewer possesses. This may sound a little over the top, but guess what Glitschka's logo (right) is for? You'll get a little buzz of satisfaction when you get it right. It seems like the simplest thing, but of course it's meant to. That's good design.

Glitschka had no fewer than 39 published in this year's edition of The Logo Lounge (the bible of
logo design), which tells you he knows something about logos. He also podcasts and posts tutorials about the illustrative design, which tells you he cares about design and giving something back to the community. Kudos for both.