02 May, 2008

Nice comics!

Chris Hastings, of Dr. McNinja fame, has designed this awesome t-shirt of a gorilla high-fiving a shark.

I'm on a comics kick after just finishing reading Scott McCloud's Making Comics.

McCloud's words and pictures are eloquent and he makes his subject accessible without skimping on his incredible wealth of knowledge. It's great stuff whether you are simply interested in comics, or you want to learn how to make them.

I loved
Understanding Comics and now I'm keen to read Reinventing Comics.
McCloud was an efficient draughtsman in the 80s, when he wrote Zot!, but his artwork has really matured. His line is full of variety and texture.

As far as excellent artwork is concerned, Les McClaine's homage to Herge, Johnny Crossbones, is also worth well worth checking out.

McClaine also offers really good tutorials on his own creative process and on colouring. In the words of the gorilla and the shark: NICE!