01 May, 2008

Top 50! Get in!

Last night, in my second race of this year's Leinster League, I finished in the top 50! This is pretty much a dream come true. There is something very powerful about it.

When I began fell running, last year, I hoped to finish my first race - up Howth Head, as it happens - in the top 100. I did; exactly 100. In my second race I crept into the late 70s. And that was as my racing for 2007.

This year, with more consistent training under my belt, I was aiming to average 75, but I had a disappointing first race, finishing 90 (not even in the top third!).

Yesterday's race was great. Despite the chill in the air, it was a beautiful clear evening and there was a great atmosphere around the race.

My average position is now 69. If I can put some more good results together, as my friend Ben Crane says,
Barry Minnock will be looking over his shoulder! (Not really, Barry.)