07 June, 2008

Six of the Best! For Drawing Day!

Grab a pencil/ pen/ stylus! It's Drawing Day 2008!

Celebrate by using any of these six free design/illustration/image editing tools online (and off):
  1. The Gimp - and for those who can't imagine using anything other than Photoshop, there's GimpShop, which adapts the Photoshop interface and hotkeys for Gimp!
  2. Inkscape - powerful-looking vector graphics editor, with plenty of support material; I'm just started to use this, since my ancient copy of Illustrator seems to be dying. But Microugly has created a handy Inkscape reference for Illustrator heads.
  3. Paint.Net - I haven't tried this one yet, but it comes highly recommended.
  4. Fontforge - The only free font editor I've come across. Looks good, if a little awkward to install, for non-techie types.
  5. Pencil! - unlimited undos with the use of an eraser!
  6. Pen! - there truly is nothing that cannot be done with a biro.