18 July, 2008

Review: Tank Girl Visions of Booga 1 & 2

Tank Girl and her boyfriend Booga evade the law and the mafia, as they search for Booga's long lost little brother.

I never felt that Tank Girl had a lot of legs in it. The greater part of its energy lay not in its scatalogical humour, but in Jamie Hewlett's sparky illustration.

However, Alan Martin has revitalised Tank Girl, with this muted, slightly melancholy road story. Tank Girl starts the story having lost her tank as a stake in a bet; and what/who is Tank Girl without a tank.
Of course, there are still plenty of trouser jokes - and a couple of random, short, silly back-up pieces - and dumb references, but it much moodier (at least two issues in) than previous incarnations.

The muddy covers, by Ashley Wood, say a lot for the atmosphere of Visions, as does Christian Krank's beautiful colouring. Rufus Dayglo (who did layouts for The Gifting) assumes main art duties from Wood and does a nice job, with a cartoony, but restrained style.

An intriguing beginning.