19 August, 2008

History of Comics/History Comics

Research never sleeps, nor do I much. I have been reading copious tracts on comics history and urban theory, with the vain hope of discovering points of correspondence. So far, not so many, but perseverence and diligence (and chastity, for some reason) are my watchwords!

In fact there is loads of stuff about the history of comics online, but not so much about comics which take history as their subject matter. George O'Connor adapted Harmen Meyndertsz Van den Bogaert's 17th century journal as Journey Into Mohawk Country but I can't think of any others. (Suggestions please!)

Three cheers then for clever Canadian, Kate Beaton
, who battles low self-esteem with excellent comic strips about famous historical personages. Sure, they may not be 100 per cent historically accurate - I'm pretty sure Washington didn't exactly cross the shit out of the Delaware - but they are very funny.